G5 Core

The G5 CORE and Carbon Fiber Construction are the basis for all BROKITE Kiteboards.This combination of materials, construction technique and science is what makes BROKITE boards unlike anything else on the market today. Each board is handmade and built from scratch because it’s the only way we have found to produce the best possible kiteboard. Why would we want to ride anything else?

All BROKITE boards are based on a PVC core sliced into five strips. We call this the G5 CORE. The G5 CORE in combination with Carbon Fiber wraps gives BROKITE boards a unique combination of strength, flexibility and light-weight for kiteboarding control and reponsiveness.

The G5 CORE starts with a 1/4 inch sheet of high density foam which is cut into 5 longitudinal sections.

Then, each section is wrapped with high modulus, 11.5 oz. Carbon Fiber fabric and set into the mold ready for an application of epoxy. This is the basis of the BROKITE G5 CORE. This process is critical to achieve the characteristics of a high performance custom board. Each G5 Stringer is wrapped top, bottom and along each side with “316” carbon fiber cloth.

High grade epoxy is then applied to saturate the carbon fiber and the five foam core pieces. The epoxy bonds the high density foam core pieces together and works with the carbon fiber fabric to create a super strong, lightweight board.
This combination of materials offers a board that is light, flexible and far more responsive than boards built with wood or foam only cores.
BROKITE is the only board company that goes to this extreme of skilled craftsmanship and expense to create a strong, flexible core with exceptional dynamic flex response while being super light.

FailSafe Inserts

We go to the extreme to make our own inserts. We have never had an insert failure.
316 stainless steel locking flange nuts are bedded in ABS plastic disks. The threads extend all the way through the board giving extra thread strength and the reassurance of being able to visually inspect the strap screws which are flush with the bottom of the board.
The FailSafe Stainless Insert is a BROKITE exclusive and included on all of our boards.

Custom Serial Number

Dude have you seen my board? Have you ever discovered a week after an awesome session that you must’ve driven off and left your board on the beach? How about that time you became separated from your board in the waves and couldn’t see it or get back to it? Well up to now all you could do to mark your board was to write some contact information on it with a felt pen and hope that it stayed on. This was better than nothing but if the person that found it could easily wipe the board clean with acetone and keep it, sell it, or hock it with little fear of being caught. And if you didn’t scribble you information on the board even a well intentioned person had no idea how to get it back to you.

Never fear, Bro is here, with their new board registration program. Now each new board has a serial number embedded underneath the sign which is highly visible through a clear window on the deck with contact information under the serial number for a reward. This makes it easy for the finder to return the board and will kept the lost board out of the hock shops.

When you receive your board you can go to brokite.com and register it with your contact information and up date if it changes. Also if you send us a picture of yourself it will be uploaded to our gallery under bro’s with your type of board and serial number.

If you are getting a custom Bro you can pick you serial number which can contain your name.

Bottom Shapes & Rocker

BROKITE Flat Competition Bottom Shape

This hull shape is designed for the unhooked, load-it-up and bring-it-in-hot crowd.

We worked with pros to develop this full balls-to-the-wall shape. A slight 1/8 inch concave transforms to flat rails with a pinch of relief. As the concave moves to the tail, it becomes an 8 inch flat on the tail.

This board is for wake-style riders that want to keep it looooooose!

BROKITE Elliptical Concave Bottom Shape

This hull shape is designed for most kiters. Great for cruising or throwing down your new move.

This bottom gives great upwind ability with its’ 5/16 inch concave but a loose feel due to the transformation of the concave to a 6 inch flat on the tail.

The concave is not taken to rail but ends 1-1/2 inches before the rail. This is a method of creating a board that can head upwind but remains loose so you can land that slim chance.

This bottom shape is chosen by 90 percent of our riders.

Board Rocker

All BROKITE boards have Reactive Continuous Rocker Line technology.

This means the profile from tip to tip is a continuous arch or can be thought of as a part of a circle. But, here comes the magic. Our G5 CORE allows this board to react to pressure creating a flat spot that moves!